You have a voice. You have a story. You know your stuff. However, when it comes to getting your message across to your readers, perhaps you struggle to gain an objective view of your content. It needs polish, you think to yourself, but how do you “kill your darlings” without editing just for editing’s sake? And who the heck has time to keep going over one piece when all you want to do is smash out content to your audience?

Well, in fact, I do.

I understand communication with your readers is key. I know how important succinct, concise and grammatically correct writing is, and I virtually eat it for breakfast. Even the prospect of rewriting your raw, precious work into a sparkling and engaging piece your readers will love and share makes my mouth water even now. Funny? I can do that. Serious? Absolutely. Fragile, authentic and down-to-earth? Bring it on.

What I offer.

Got questions, or can't see exactly what you need? Contact me.

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